Is there more to the internet than the web?

Ok so what is the internet all about?
It is about information. It enables information to be transferred very easily and quickly.

So what is the web? Well the web is just one form of the internet. Ok so it is the most popular form at the moment but that does not mean that is it the best. There are a swag of other things that flow across the internet, like e-mail.

Just recently I have heard of another thing that flows across the internet, Gnutella ( I know it sounds strange but it might be a bit closer to what the internet is all about.

The original idea was so that computer could talk to each other. Now the internet does this very well but we have warped it a little so that everyone looks at a very small number of servers (kinda defeating the purpose) whereas the idea of this new protocol is to allow people to turn their computers into mini servers

I am not sure how this one is going to pan out so it is time to keep an eye on itÉ

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