Maybe there is an answer

Maybe there are some other answers… For a while there was the idea of Internet2 or the second version (and much improved) version of the internet, somthing that fixed some of the issues that we have now.

How can we do this? Well that is hard, we can’t build a new internet but we can help change it.
How? Well we can start by playing games! Have you seen the latest in toys? A Cybiko!( Nice replacment for the internet – virtual network gaming toy.

Ok, not convinced… Neither was I at first, it will take market penetration before there is a network of them you can use, but for the early adopters that is easy to overcome! just buy two for twice the price!

Ok, the next idea is public wireless networking. With the advent of wireless network cards (and the dropping price of bandwith) more and more people are getting online in the strangest places. I know that now that we have a wireless network in the office, you can find people in the kitchen doing their e-mail (just for a change of perspective)

So wireless is not as secure as it could be (see,3396,s%3D1034%26a%3D13880,00.asp for an overview of security issues) but that is part of the the idea. People are creating this ‘unsecure’ networks so that people can use them (for more info We are slowly seeing some of the grass roots of the internet comming back.

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