My Wireless Network

A few times people have asked me what my wireless set up is and how it all hangs together. So this is it.

Firstly there is the ADSL wire coming in the wall (thanks to BT for that) that is connected (terminate for those who are correct) to my ADSL router.

My router is a very simple box that does the basic network protection stuff for me. It runs my local DHCP server (this issues ip address to my home network) and does all of the NAT (network address translation) work so that all my machines are hidden from the outside world and it also blocks any incoming request that was not expected. For my own security reasons I am not going to tell you what brand of router it is.

Then I have my SMC wireless Access point (SMC2652W is the part number if you are really interested) which does the hard work. It is currently running in non-wep encrypted mode so if you are walking by my house feel free to get in touch!

Next I have an SMC PCMCIA wireless card for my notebook, this is currently not used as the office has given me an alternative, it is the Cisco Aironet 350 PCMCIA card, there are two main reasons I use this card over the SMC card even though they both work in all the locations that I require. Firstly the Cisco has better range (not by much but ten meters is ten meters!) and secondly the Cisco driver allows you to enter multiple profiles (configurations) for the card and it will auto sense which network profile to use (automatically changing from the WEP setting at the office to my home settings Đ this is a VERY nice feature!)

So that is itÉ it is all off the shelf kit and (apart from the Cisco card) would set you back no more than US$500

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