XML Feeds…

For a good part of the day my ADSL has been down, actually it has been worse than that, it has been going up and down like a yoyo which makes it REALLY hard to do any constructive work so I decided to build a XML feed for this weblog.

Whilst I have read some of the docs on it and have told people just how easy it should be (demos make things look so easy) I have never converted a legacy app to have an XML front end (well not with CFMX anyway), so I sat down and started coding.

In between the ADSL drop outs I managed to sneak a look at http://fullasagoog.com/ and the Daemonite blog (http://blog.daemon.com.au/) and thought that the RDF XML format that they were using looked like a good candidate for my feed.

So away I went coding. In about 25 minutes it was done. Now I was shocked, once you get that <cfxml> tag in there most of the work is done (I was expecting a lot more work especially after what I used to do in CF5)

So when my link came back up, I uploaded it and tested it out some more, there is still a strange quirk with the XML encoding, it really wants to use UTF-8 encoding and for some reason I am having issues with UTF-8 encoding at the moment but they can be worked out later. So if you would like to test it for me, you can! The XML feed can be found here http://www.thebitbucket.net/weblog/weblog_xml.cfm and documentation on RDF can be found here http://www.w3.org/RDF/

Good luck and let me know how you go

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