Flash Communication

I don’t normally post chunks from memos here but I saw this and wanted to show you it.

Taking Broadcasting to the Extreme!
Last week we told you about how well suited Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX is for the broadcast market.  Little did we realize that a team from Europe would be web broadcasting via the communication server to the extreme!

On 23rd August 2002, Lorenzo Gariano and Scott Woolums will be submitting live audio reports and just-in-time photos from the Matterhorn using the world’s lightest audio/graphic live webcasting equipment: a Nokia 7650 ‘2.5G’ GPRS camera/phone. Back at ‘mission control’ in KMi’s Centre for New Media, Macromedia Flash MX will be used to display Lorenzo’s latest position on an interactive map providing links to the latest pictures. The new Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX will handle the live streaming audio and a live chat room through which the webcast audience can pose questions to Lorenzo and Scott.

Lorenzo is warming up for the rest of his Seven Summits activities: climbing the highest peak on each continent. Lorenzo has completed 4 of the peaks, and Scott Woolums completed his Everest ascent in May 2002.  Be sure to tune into the audio broadcast at http://cnm.open.ac.uk/projects/matterhorn/matterhorn-preview.htm!