Waitangi Day

The circle line pub crawl challenge is to visit all 27 stations on the circle line, consume at least one half pint at a pub on every stop with an initial half pint at a pub of your choosing prior to kicking off. All of this must be completed within one 12 hour stint this Saturday 07th of February 2004, ultimately to celebrate Waitangi day (New Zealand’s national day

27 stops
28 half pints
12 hours

There are no set rules as to where you start or where you and your group finish but it seems this year that the TNT endorsed kick off point is either Paddington or Nottinghill Gate stations from 10am culminating in with a Haka at Parliament Square at 2pm (optional)

For our group, we are all going to meet at 10am outside the entrance to Baker Street station (entrance closest to Maddame Tussardes), where we will find the nearest available pub, have a half pint and then move on clockwise around the circle line, ending in Baker street where we’ll take a quick jubilee line to Westminster for the finale.

Please pass this email to everyone you wish to join us and reply to me so I have a rough idea of who will be coming along.

Below I’ve included the words and translation for the Haka for those of you keen to join in.

Ringa pakia
Uma tiraha
Turi whatia
Hope whai ake
Waewae takahia kia kino

English Translation
Slap the hands against the thighs
Puff out the chest
Bend the knees
Let the hip follow
Stamp the feet as hard as you can.

Ka Mate! Ka Mate!
Ka Ora! Ka Ora!
Tenei te ta ngata puhuru huru
Nana nei i tiki mai
Whakawhiti te ra
A upane ka upane!
A upane kaupane whiti te ra!

English Translation
It is death! It is death!
It is life! It is life!
This is the hairy person
Who caused the sun to shine
Keep abreast! Keep abreast
The rank! Hold fast!
Into the sun that shines!

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