Happy 10th birthday ColdFusion

Here it is, the 10th Birthday of ColdFusion.
I know that many folk have been blogging about the various parties around the world that will be taking place today(yes TODAY! if you are reading this yesterday, you are most probably in the US and don’t know that it is already today in Australia)

I was thinking about how long I have been doing this CF stuff over a cup of java juice this morning (out of a UKCFUG mug no less) and I realised that I have been doing this CF stuff for quite a while now! Almost seven years have passed since I did my first CF demo under the watchful eye of Nick McNaughton and Chris Wood.

Five years have passed since I started working for Grant Szabo and Allaire Consulting, teaching Europe how to build better CF apps, one customer at a time.

Now I am back to where it all started, building CF apps. Not much has changed.
Don’t get me wrong, CF7 is defiantly a total different and exciting beast but my apps still start at the same point…

<cfquery name=“qStaff” datasource=“#application.dsn#”>

<cfoutput query=“qStaff”>

I am sure you know the rest…

So back to the birthday party, I will be there. Well at least at the Sydney, Australia version. I have dug out my trust CF T-shirt and will be wearing it proudly. I challenge everyone else to find their favourite bit of CF/Allaire/Macromeida swag and bring it along, it will be great for a laugh!

I wonder what the next 10 years have instore for the CF Family…

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