WebDU Wrapup

Well webDU is over for another year, Geoff and the folks from Daemon have done themselves proud once again and have managed to put together possible the best web conference on the planet. If you missed, well you missed out. Here are just a few highlights that were squeezed into 2.5 days of fun at the casino

  • Nectarine’s world famous intro animations
  • Adobe’s pin stripe shirts and their renewed commitment to all things cool (flex, cf and their wedding vows)
  • Gavin Elvis Cooney fantastic Elvis impression and some very disturbing photos on flickr
  • Robyn Hilliard Singing karaoke and the Rocketboots massage pallor
  • 7 great sessions (I only made it to seven of them – sorry if I missed yours)
  • Running into Wayne Smith (Ex macromedia Dreamwaver god) and finding out he now works for Microsoft running their Expression product range
  • The entire Allaire Australia team (circ. 1999) being in one place at one time, again.
  • Microsoft buying the beers all night Thursday night and then very thoughtfully buying breakfast Friday morning (don’t believe everything you hear, MS are nice guys!)
  • Stunning Mike Kear in to silence in my presentation by remembering his name.

Oh and the Brazilian dancers… can’t forget them… well done Geof!

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