ColdFusion Developer Bounty

It appears that it is the season for CF developers in Australia at the moment. There are CF positions being advertised in Melbourne and Adelaide and even in Newcastle at Teligence! It is great to see this nice new interest in CF developers. We have just taken on another CF junior and are about to start training them up (It is nice to have a CF instructor in house)

With 80 odd CF positions currently on Seek around the country, I get just a little concerned for our own team, so whilst we are on the recruitment drive, lets keep going… I know most people who might read this are really happy with their current CF position but I know you all know someone who might not be so happy.

So here is the deal, RedBalloon is an Experience company and I want to share the love – if you find me the perfect CF developer, I will ensure that you get an experience you will not forget, Jet Fighter flight sound good? Find me a senior CF guru! Know an up and coming CF legend? V8 hotlaps it is for you! I could go on but let it be know that the bounty is out there; Find Lucas a CF developer and you will be on an experience you will not forget in a hurry.

Yeah, gotta put some terms on an offer like this – there is only one experience available per SUCCESSFUL applicant and the value of the experience will be directly related to the value of the successful candidate. When that person starts, you will hear from me and we will work out something for you to do, right then on the phone!

Oh and the applicant doesn’t miss out either – they will be working for RedBalloon, how could they possible miss out! We just took the entire IT team Jet boating last Friday (Ryan could not believe it, he has only been with us two weeks)

On to the position, I will take almost all comers but I am looking for a senior CF developer who can work full time in Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia. Someone who can tackle a project head on, someone know can help lead the rest of our team to greatness. We currently have 7 different projects that need work so there is no lack of variety of things to work on.

Skills? There is no long list here, just know CF 7 at a Guru* level – no minimum number of years experience (you can learn all you need to know about CF in 6 months if you don’t sleep) but you will be asked as part of the interview process to prove that you do have what it takes to be a Guru.
* All Gurus know about CFCs, the know about XML, they know about SQL and CSS.

Who is RedBalloon? We are a four year old startup that has been growing at 100% per year from day one. We work hard but we value balancing your work live and your personal life. We are driven and focused and you will always know where you stand and what you need to do today. We pay well and commit to your ongoing personal and professional skills development.

Know someone who fits the bill? Want to claim the bounty? Email me lucas @ redballoon .com .au now!