Getting more people to your blog

I often get asked how can I get more people to look at my blog.

The best way to get more people to see it is to get other sites to link to your site.

There are a few ways to do this.
1. Interact with other blogs. Take the blogs that you yourself read and comment on some of their cooler posts, and when you do make sure that you put in a link back to your site so that people reading your comment might follow it back to our site.
2. A similar thing works for forums or other public internet areas (like openBC or linkedin), post a comment or an entry that people might read and be sure to put a link into your site.
3. the last is less dignified, it involves begging others to put links to your site on their site.

The internet is very much like any other real world marketing landscape, you have to advertise that your site (or blog) exists and the cheapest way is the internet equivalent of graffiti or writing on a wall.