Adding more keywords to your links

I have been doing a lot of work on a few sites to help get more pages indexed by search engines and making sure that those search engines rank the pages with the keywords that I want.

Now we all know that the first tactic is to make sure that the words used in the link are the main things that search engines look at.

So if you are coding links like this

Click Here to go to the bitbucket homepage

then you can get a quick and easy boost by putting better words in the link

Go to The BitBucket homepage

not only will your site rank better for your name, you wont get getting rankings for ‘click’ and ‘here’. There is another tweek that you can do to increase the probability of a search engine getting it right when they read your link. It has not been entirely proven but it does increase the usability of your site so it can’t hurt. You can use the title attribute on the link tag. The title attribute is the equivalent of the alt tag on images.

How? Here is how…

Go to The BitBucket homepage

check it out&
The BitBucket homepage

if you mouse over the link, you will get a nice little hover text.
Not much, but every little bit helps.

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