National Ride to Work Day – 4 October 2006

Wednesday 4 October is Ride to Work Day, when people all over Australia are encouraged to give riding to work a go.

Ride to Work Day was introduced in Victoria 13 years ago by Bicycle Victoria. It now attracts thousands of riders each year.

This year, Ride to Work Day goes accross Australia.
Riding to work makes sense!

  • Cycling is a great environmentally sustainable transport option
  • With today’s congested roads, it is often quicker to cycle to work than to drive.
  • Building exercise into your everyday life makes it easier to stay fit and trim.
  • With petrol prices at an all time high and rising, riding a bike is a lot cheaper than driving a car.

Having employees who cycle to work has benefits for employers:

  • Reduced need for parking space.
  • Fit employees are more productive and take less sick leave.

Get the wheels turning!!

National Ride to Work Day is a great opportunity to promote the idea of cycling to work in your work place.

Visit the web site to order your free promotional kit. The kit contains lots of helpful information about how to encourage your colleagues to ride to work.