iPhone countdown widget

if you are like me and can’t wait for the new iPhone 2.0 handsets to come out and need to know just how long you will need to wait, you need a desktop widget. I spent a bit of time tonight looking around for a good looking one but couldn’t find one that was actually for the 11th and not the original iPhone 1.0 shipping date.

So, I just downloaded the best looking iPhone countdown widget i could find – the one from the lads at Jaws software is great (just scroll down a bit). Go ahead and download/install it…

then start a little diging around.. inside the widget code (found here ~/Library/Widgets/iPhone CountDown.wdgt) is a little file called attributes.js. Open it up in your text editor of choice and and just ignore that big fat ‘DO NOT EDIT’ warning and just change the line starting TargetDateTime to the following

targetDateTime: new Date(’11 Jul 2008 9:00:00 +1000′),

and away you go!

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