Playing with Photosynth

Finally I have gotten around to playing with Microsoft’s latest toy, Photosynth. What is Photosynth I hear you say? well it is a very cool combination of technologies that allow you to create a psudo 3D representation of something from 2D photos.

To make this synth (as they are known) I took around 300 photos of the living room of a property that my neighbor, George has just finished building. It sounds a lot, and it was but the more photos you have the more the synth engine has to work with. They were then linked together and using the textures in each photo, the synth engine works its magic and produces a 3D work of art!

Now at the moment, you can only view the results using using Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin so you will need to install that first.

For my first attempt, there are some fairly major flaws, mainly due to the initial photos that I fed the synth engine. Next time, more light!!

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