Basic Pizza dough recipie

One of my favourite weekend foods is a good pizza, made from scratch! As a kid Mum used to make her own bases and we got to put toppings on them so we always got what we wanted. Not much has changed, Dad now has a wood fired oven so they are more gourmet but that is about it!

If you are going to do this often, I recommend buying a bread machine as they do a much better job at kneading than I do!

375g Bread Flour (this is key, you want Tipo 00 Flour if you can)
200ml warm Water
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
7 grams Dry Yeast (one sachet)
pinch of salt

Mix the warm water with the yeast till the yeast dissolves then just leave it awhile till it starts to bubble, this should be about 5 minutes.

Then throw everything in a bowl. Some recipes will tell you to sift the flour first but I find that it doesn’t make much difference. Mix it all together to form a dough.

Flour your bench (or breadboard or any other flat surface) and pop the dough on it. Now comes the hard part, knead it for ten minutes! This is why the bread machine is a good option. Then pop it in a bowl, cover it and leave it in a nice warm corner for about 25 minutes. It should double in size.

Then give it a good punch it back down and turn it out onto your floured bench. Knead it once again till it is nice and smooth.

Now time to try your hand at making a pizza shape. I have not been game enough to try tossing it in the air, i often just roll it flat with a rolling pin

Now turn your oven on as hot as it will go, 220 C or higher. You want your oven as hot as it can go for when you pop it in.

Top your pizza base with anything (there will be a stack of recipes coming soon about what you can do with a good pizza base) and when your oven is past 220 C pop your pizza in and then turn it down to around 200 C and leave it to cook for 10 to 15 minutes.

Now the fun begins! Depending on what is on your base, how thick your base is, how good your oven is and a whole stack of other things I have not fully worked out yet, your cooking time will vary so keep a close eye on it!

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