About The Bit Bucket

Well there is an easy answer; I am the guy who wrote this site. After being in the ‘Internet industry’ for so long, I thought it was about time that I built a web site.

There is most probably a much deeper answer around somewhere but I am not sure I want to stick it up here for the world to see just yet.

If you are looking for my CV, then you can find it here

Why is this site here?
Well it is really just for me, I wanted somewhere I could stick things that I wanted to share with my friends, clients and the internet at large. Then there was various presentations that I wanted to stick on a server somewhere so that people could get to them after a presentation. Lastly, I finally decided to create a blog, actually a series of them, I am slowly building a kinda strange blog of both work and play, just somewhere I can stick things for people to read.

So that is how the bucket started. It has now been running since 2001 and still going.. it has had its ups and downs but it is 2012 I have finally moved it onto wordpress and hopefully it is getting bigger and better…


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