Bus Drivers of Melbourne

Dear Bus Drivers Of Melbourne,
Just a quick refresher of the road rules as you seem to have forgotten them. The rules are quite clear…

A driver facing a red light at an intersection with a bicycle storage area (a ‘box’ containing a bicycle symbol) must stop at the first stop line and not proceed into the area marked for bicycles until the light changes.

From VicRoads pages on Bicycles

In case you were wondering, entering a Bike Box at lights carries the same penalty as running the Red Light.
Can you please just stay back a few meters, I am sure it will not make your bus run any later…

Please see Rule 60A of the Road Safety Road Rules 2009 for more information.
A cyclist and a bus rider.


The Smith Family and Around the Bay…

It is that time of the year again…
Just as the daylight starts getting less and the weather gets colder and the last thing on my mind is training, I make the same decision, to sign up for Around the Bay in a day. Yep, 210km around Port Phillip Bay. I know, it is an absurd distance, one I have managed before but still, it ain’t easy.

Why? there will there are a stack of reasons…
One of them is to help disadvantaged Aussie kids. They just need the basics… At school, these children don’t have the basics like a school bag, complete uniform or the schoolbooks they need to make the most of their education. As a result, these kids are often teased or left out by other students. And because they don’t fit in, they end up falling behind at school, or failing altogether.

And so my goal is to raise $516 to help these kids create better futures for themselves…

It isn’t much, it is about 150 lattes (depending on where you buy them of course) so if you can spare a few dollars then can you help me to help the smith family and support me by sponsoring my ride?

It would really mean a lot. Please take a moment to make a donation: www.aroundthebayfundraising.com.au/?LucasSherwood

Melbourne Summer Cycle

I have registered to take part in the 2008 Melbourne Summer Cycle. It is a ride to raise funds to help support of those affected by Multiple Sclerosis. This can only be achieved with your help.

Please take a moment to view my online fundraising page and help me reach my goal. It is easy and will take no time at all, just donate online via your credit card by clicking on the link below:


All information is secure and all donations will be sent electronically to Multiple Sclerosis NSW/VIC. A tax deductible receipt will be sent to your Inbox once the donation is verified.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system affecting more young adult Australians than any other neurological condition. Your donation will go towards providing a wide range of equipment, support and services to those people affected by this horrible disease.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

National Ride to Work Day – 4 October 2006

Wednesday 4 October is Ride to Work Day, when people all over Australia are encouraged to give riding to work a go.

Ride to Work Day was introduced in Victoria 13 years ago by Bicycle Victoria. It now attracts thousands of riders each year.

This year, Ride to Work Day goes accross Australia.
Riding to work makes sense!

  • Cycling is a great environmentally sustainable transport option
  • With today’s congested roads, it is often quicker to cycle to work than to drive.
  • Building exercise into your everyday life makes it easier to stay fit and trim.
  • With petrol prices at an all time high and rising, riding a bike is a lot cheaper than driving a car.

Having employees who cycle to work has benefits for employers:

  • Reduced need for parking space.
  • Fit employees are more productive and take less sick leave.

Get the wheels turning!!

National Ride to Work Day is a great opportunity to promote the idea of cycling to work in your work place.

Visit the web site to order your free promotional kit. The kit contains lots of helpful information about how to encourage your colleagues to ride to work.


Two wheels good?

I saw this great article written in the FT this week.

If you have any thoughts about Cycling in London, have a read of this, it is very well written and very interesting.

So check it out on FT.com http://news.ft.com/cms/s/e1595d4e-3a4a-11d9-aa4d-00000e2511c8.html

If you don’t want to register with their site, it was also posted to the Critical Mass mailing list http://lists.riseup.net/www/arc/cm-london/2004-11/msg00024.html

Made it!

Nik and I managed to return from the wild parts of England relativly unscathed. After just over 100 miles on a bike and more than our fair share of hills we made it back to London arround 8pm.

The rain was very nice to us and we stayed dry execpt for our feet (there was a water crossing that be both decided to just ride through instead of join the queue to cross on the bridge) and we did not starve.

Anyway, if you ever want a little bit of a challange and a great view of the English countryside, I am sure Nik and I would be up to doing it again!

On Ya Bike!

It seems you can now rent a bicycle from your Mobile Phone!! A London company, OYBike have started a trial in west London (Hammersmith and Fulham to be accurate) and it is a point to point system ,so you can grab a bike from one place, ride it to your destination and plug it back into the system there!

kinda cool hu?