Wow! The Flex developer derby comes to Australia!

Adobe has listened to the feedback (screams) regarding being excluded from the Flex Developer Derby and now there is going to be a local version of the contest up and running for the user communities of Australia!

I am pleased to announce The Adobe & Builder AU Flex Developer Derby

It looks like the Adobe Sydney office is sticking to their word and is seriously committed to the local developer community down here.

Now let’s see what you can do with Flex Beta3!!!


Ofoto Rocks!

I have been talking about Ofoto for weeks ever since the launch of their Flex based application that allows you to upload your own photos and get a calendar printed from them.

It does look cool and does make for a great demo so one Sunday about a month ago I set about creating my own calendar to give to a few folks for Christmas. Thinking it would be a snap, I sat down with a cup of coffee and excepted to be done in about 45 minutes.

Well it was a snap but the challenge is the expectations you

URL paramaters in Flex

I had a very interesting question last week about accessing URL parameters from within a Flex application. It turns out that it is much easier than I expected! You just need to reference the URL parameter as a variable and away you go. It is maggically is created for you.

You may want to watch out though, if your application references a URL variable and it does not exist, the compiler will throw a warning as it does not know what your variable is, it is most probably a good idea to declare this with the rest of your variables. Secondly, they are only available at the top level of your application, not inside your various other components, so you will need to pass them around, just like any other variable.

Get Flex for Free!

Free Flex!
You can get the free flex licence if you meet the following criteria..

  • Using Flex in a non-commercial and non-institutional manner., Non-commercial use means that that the software may not be used on any web site or application that sells, advertises, or otherwise promotes revenue-bearing products or services of any kind. non-institutional use means that the software may not be used for any web site or application that facilitates the operation of any institution, including but not limited to corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, governments, or educational institutions.
  • Educators or students looking to learn or teach Flex.
  • Bloggers who want to showcase Flex applications on their personal blog.

Want to know more? Go to

UK User Groups get Flexed!

Ben Forta did a great job of impressing the croud at the Joint London MMUG and UKCFUG meetings tonight with his presentation of Flex. There appears to be a lot people who understand where Macromedia are heading with this latest initiative and just can not wait to get it!