Foursquare – will it last?

So I like cool apps on my iPhone just as much as the next geek so much so I have three Twitter clients that I switch between depending on how I am feeling so when foursquare launched down under I grabbed it and started to checkin everywhere. The train station, the tram stop, the coffee shop, basically everywhere. I had it auto posting to my Twitter feed the lot. Now, all of that is starting to change, Now that the novelty has worn off now it is time for foursquare to earn it’s keep in my online social network.

Will it cut it? Well the answer is unclear as it depends on the rest of the community. The bit that I like is the fact that I can see where my friends are and thus work out if I can join them for an impromptu catch-up ( made all the more accessible thanks to push notifications ) but this doesn’t work when they checkin at Domain Interchange or Flinders St station as the will only be here for a few minutes at best. So that checkin and the resulting beep from my phone is annoying now (yes once it was cool)

The badges are cool and add to the game aspect as do the points. The Mayor status is just perfect for bridging the gap between online and real life as companies slowly ‘get it’ and start tying their online feed into their real world business practices. The idea of a free beer or a room upgrade is a perfect low cost way to start generating real world buzz for your business.

So back to the question, will I keep using it now that the shine is starting to wear off my new toy. Well that really depends on what happens with ‘noise’ checking. I don’t want to start un-friending people but I need to be able to mute some peoples checkins or better still filter them so that they only make it through if the are at a real venue. Not sure how that could be policed, maybe a tag or a flag or something. With an ever growing group of super users I am sure that they could keep an eye on it somehow but unless it gets sorted I can only see bad things for foursquare well at least from the perspective of it being uninstalled from my phone.

Anyway for the time being you won’t see me checkin at the train station and my mayoral hat will be passed on to someone else but if you do see me check in it will be where I am at right now so come and join me.