Blog Spamming

Ok here is todays strange concept  spamming Blog aggregators& I know, it sounds strange doesnt it? But a friend of mine has just been told that he is doing exactly that& So lets look at this concept, firstly what is a blog&

Well even though I really do not like the phrase ‘blog’, it is a journal or log of your own thoughts about things& Some people write group blogs, ie a group of people writing about their combined thoughts, and discussing things in an online manner.

Next lets look at the concept of blog aggregators& Since blogs have taken off, many people spend many hours jumping from one site to another to read all of their favourite blogs& then the blog aggregator was born, combine or blend many blogs into a single ‘super blog’ that has every post from all of the combined blogs in one central spot.

Perfect right? Well yes, except it is still a collection of people thoughts. These mainly were combined based on a central theme but they are still blogs so they still contain peoples thoughts and opinions&

So lets look at the final thought, and the one that I have a real problem with& the concept of ‘spamming’ a blog aggregator… Now the thought here is that the person concerned has a blog, and that blog is aggregated into a ‘blog portal’ based on this person’s involvement in a particular community (it happens that this person is a Flash developer and is aggregated into ‘’  a great portal and have nothing to do with this article)

Now if you follow the theory, this blogger is accused of spamming the blog aggregator by posting in their own blog… How on earth can this be true? It is their blog, let them blog about anything they feel like blogging about!

Oh well, the world is truly just a little bit mad. Anyway, why was I posting this? To spam an aggregator? No, I am not being aggregated as far as I know… I wrote it because I was frustrated, and I wanted to enter my frustration in my journal, and my journal, my log, just happens to be here, online. It is a web log, maybe one day I will think of it as a blog but for now it is a web log.