Speaking at WebDU 2007

Once again the great folks at Daemon are putting on webDU 2007 and Geoff dropped me a line to say that I was going to be speaking once again at this great conference.

I will be speaking about Instant messaging and CF, so get ready for some little bots answering silly questions over IM as I prepare!

If IM is not your thing, I will be sure to see you in a bar somewhere to chat about anything, it was a blast last year and I am sure it will be again this year.

WebDU Banner


Registration for MXEurope is open!

I know it has been a long time coming but registration for MXEurope is now open! you can now register your seat using an all Flex registration system at http://www.mxeurope.org/go/registration.
If you sign up now you will even get an early bird discount!

see ya there!

Shamless Self Promotion!!

I am on the road again shortly doing a series of events arround Europe that we are calling ‘MX Events’. The idea is to have a very focused event for designers and developers (yes so focused there is two tracks) and get some serious ‘from the trenches’ type material across to people very quickly.

I think it looks good, but I am biased, so make your own decision, have a look at Macromedia MX Events website.

MX Europe 2004!

After many months of debates, Niklas and I have finally decided to put on another conference! After the success of CF-Europe last year, we are going to expand our horizons to include the entire Macromedia MX product range!

From Director MX to Flash MX and ColdFusion MX to Flash Communication Server MX, we will search the world to find the best speakers for you!

For now, have a look at mxeurope.org at the speakers that we have already confirmed (it only took a few e-mails to find these speakers! They loved it so much last year, they could not wait to say yes!) and we will be posting more details as we know more!

In the mean time, if you are interested in speaking, drop me a mail!


Well that is it for another year, CF_Europe is over!
Whilst we were all a little worried at the start, it came off without a hitch (ok, there were a few minor hitches but no major ones)
I would like to take a few seconds to thank Niklas and Caroline. They know who they are and how much work they did to make CF_Europe work.

So, who know – we might just do it again, but only if you tell us what you want to see!