Script your SQL DB creation

I have found that there is a never ending struggle to get over the hurdle of actually launching a site. You know how this story goes – there is a dev db full of dev content and you might just copy that DB to put into your staging environment (or you might even use the same DB for both environments) but when it comes to putting the system live, there is never an easy way to clean out all that demo content and get the real stuff in there.

I have often written page after page of CF or SQL code to get over this initial DB population hurdle. Having scripts of the DB mean that I can drop and recreate the database at a moments notice and know that i have a stable DB to go with my stable release, but there is the pain of creating those DB scripts in the first place. I know that MSSQL lets you make the table creation scripts easily but what about their content?

Enter SQLScripter, a nice little .net tool to dump the contents of your database down to sql scripts, all in one hit. Each table becomes their own script and you can quickly repopulate your DB by running them all!