Speaking at WebDU 2007

Once again the great folks at Daemon are putting on webDU 2007 and Geoff dropped me a line to say that I was going to be speaking once again at this great conference.

I will be speaking about Instant messaging and CF, so get ready for some little bots answering silly questions over IM as I prepare!

If IM is not your thing, I will be sure to see you in a bar somewhere to chat about anything, it was a blast last year and I am sure it will be again this year.

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The ColdFusion bounty hunt continues…

It is one day after the launch of the ColdFusion Developer Bounty hunt and we are still looking.

I know that it takes time for things to trickle through the internet so I am not getting my hopes up just yet. There have already been quite a few questions from all over the place, Brisbane to Melbourne and as far away as London but no resumes! So in answer to your questions…

  1. Is this real? Yes most defiantly. I need a CF developer!
    Yes, the position real. You can find it on Seek.com.au (minus the bounty)

  2. I am a recruiter; can I find you a candidate? Yes of course! Recruiters are the modern day bounty hunters! The bounty is still the same; no additional fees will be paid.

  3. Is this really real? Once again, most defiantly yes. There are enough internet stunts that have worked (just look at the red paperclip) this is no different.

Tell your friends, tell everyone – the bounty is waiting to be claimed.

Know CF? Want to work on my team?

Unfortunately, one of our developers, Andy is moving to greener pastures, so we now have yet another spot for a ColdFusion developer.

Got Talent? Think you can cut it working with a very fast moving development team? We do at least one release a week so there is defiantly no time wasted.

We also play just as hard as we work, Andy has just come back from a shark dive and I have just taken a classic MGB away for the weekend all on the company’s dime.

Sound interesting? Read on for the formal bit..

Can’t Make it to DevCon 2002?

If you can’t make it to Macromedia DevCon 2002 in Orlandor or you looking for a holiday arround February next year… the perhapse you feel like a trip to Sydney?

Perhaps you can make it to MX DownUnder AsiaPac Macromedia DevCon, which will be held in Sydney, Australia in February 2003. As you would expect, there are going to be a ton of well respected people there speaking on all thing MX.