Please and Thank you are still magical words.

Please & Thank youWhen we were all children we were taught about the “magical” words. Almost everyone remembers hearing their parents ask (relentlessly) “What is the magic word?” However somewhere along the way we have forgotten that we actually need to use these in the real world.

There are actually 5 Magic Words in those childhood lessons; “please,” “thank-you,” “you’re welcome,” “excuse me,” and “I’m sorry.”

It seems that along the way we have forgotten the magical power of these simple words. Yes, I know, when you get a present so such, you always say thank you. However, we seem to have forgotten them for the everyday.

  • Thanks for getting that done so quickly
  • Can I have this by tonight please?
  • Sorry I am late to this meeting.

They are so simple but these everyday courtesies show that you are thinking and that you actually value the people around you.

Anyway, that is today’s rant. Thank you for reading.