UKCFUG Chrismas party this THURSDAY!

Folks, if you are in London on thursday evening, come on down to the UKCFUG chrismas party at Point 101. For more details, check out the Event Details


UK Blogregator Continued

Ok, thanks to John B, I got a nice kick in the butt on Monday with my click-tracker in the UK Blogregator. He noticed that people who used the blended RSS feed from the blogregator did not get their clicks tracked…

so now they do!
so a quick reminder, if you want to get the blended RSS feed of the blogregator, go here ->

UK Blogregator

Some time ago now, I took the MXNA code that was on DRK3 and whipped up a blogregator for the UK MM related blogs. It all looked cool and I know that people were looking at it as the log files showed that they were. The hard thing was that I did not know if people were actually using it, if they were actually clicking on the links and going off to other people blogs and without access to all of their log files, I could not look to see if it was working.

So I looked at FullasGoog and the real mxna ( and saw that they were tracking clicks with a click.cfm. Not to reinvent the wheel, I went and did the same and also took Geoff’s idea of tracking which bloggers were of most value, had the highest clickthroughs.

So after a bit of coding on the train and with thanks to my new 3G datacard, you too can now see if the blogegator is useful!


Finally I have had enough of looking up all the different, cool blogs that I know in the UK. Yes I know they are most probably in an agrigator somewhere, but they always get swamped by the volume of US and ROW traffic!

So I hacked together my own (with a little help from MM) You can now check out all the cool UK MM blogs that i know of all in one place!

UK User Groups get Flexed!

Ben Forta did a great job of impressing the croud at the Joint London MMUG and UKCFUG meetings tonight with his presentation of Flex. There appears to be a lot people who understand where Macromedia are heading with this latest initiative and just can not wait to get it!