Registration for MXEurope is open!

I know it has been a long time coming but registration for MXEurope is now open! you can now register your seat using an all Flex registration system at
If you sign up now you will even get an early bird discount!

see ya there!


The London Macromedia User Group

So the London MMUG have a new site and a new URL, their old DNS entry expired and the gods of the internet were not shining on them so it was time for a new site and a new name…
It is a great new site, you should go check it out!

UK User Groups get Flexed!

Ben Forta did a great job of impressing the croud at the Joint London MMUG and UKCFUG meetings tonight with his presentation of Flex. There appears to be a lot people who understand where Macromedia are heading with this latest initiative and just can not wait to get it!

User Groups!

I have always had a thing for User groups. People just getting together to help people make the most of what they have, just to help people!

So one weekend a while back I sat down and wrote a nice little XML app to bring all of the Macromedia User Groups together in one index! All the User Groups have to do is to create an XML feed with their meeting details in it and away you go.

Today marks the start of it as a real world app – Ok so I know that only two user groups doesn’t really count but it is a start. Let me know what you think

Macromedia User Group Diary